60-second Pitches

During each keynote session, SMEs, start-ups and students will have the opportunity to present themselves in 60 seconds to an audience of around 300 to 500 people.

On Sunday April 21 (15:00-16:30), a pitch training (by presentation coach Arthur Tolsma) will be offered to help you strengthen your pitch performance.

The Pitchers who have already registered are:

Monday, at the end of the Keynote Session by Prof. René Wijffels:

Rubbish in Rubbish out…What’s new?

Grace Oppong, Newcastle University and Perceptive Engineering Ltd

I am working on anaerobic digestion process trying to control the process better through advanced control. It requires process modelling through historical data which are inadequate to get robust models of the process, therefore poor data, yields poor predictive models.

Advanced Process Modelling for better, faster and safer decisions

Sean Bermingham, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd

PSE is the world's leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling technology and related model-based engineering and innovation services to the process industries.We help our customers to apply advanced process models based on our gPROMS platform technology. This enables them to explore the process decision space rapidly, reduce uncertainty and make better, faster and safer design and operating decisions through deeper understanding of their processes.


Ir. Wouter Stam, Spinid

SPINID designs and engineers chemical reactors and separators based on patented ‘Spinning Disc Technology’. Enabling higher resource and energy efficiency, improving product quality and allowing process window extension. Unprecedented process controllability combined with high throughput makes this technology unique.

Monday, at the end of the Keynote Session by Dr. Hermann Feise:

Realisation innovative processes MTSA Technopower

Rob van der Sluis, MTSA Technopower

MTSA technopower designs and builds customer specific installations, machines and equipment. We do this mainly for the Energy, Process, Food, Pharma en R&D sectors.Often it concerns innovative processes, production equipment and special measuring equipment. For example process upschaling, in other words pilot or demo plants. You are involved in the development of innovative products and processes for a sustainable future. We can shape your innovations and realise them in practice. For more info please contact us at our booth number 2.

DOMINO- an industrial collaborative R&D project

Gul Ozcan-Taskin, BHR Group (trading name for VirtualPiE Ltd)

BHR Group (trading name for VirtualPiE Ltd) is an independent R&D and consultancy company. Our roots go back to British Hydromechanics Research Association, set up about 65 years ago.

HybPAT - Hybrid modeling solutions for an efficient implementation of PAT

Prof. Dr. Rui Oliveira, HybPAT

Monday, at the end of the Keynote Session by Prof. Daniele Marchisio:

Innovating downstream processing of biopharmaceutical at IBET

Piergiuseppe Nestola, IBET

IBET is a private non profit institution specializing in biology research and drug discovery/bioprocess development services. As a Biotechnology Research Organization iBET acts as an interface between academic and private institutions while also creating and organizing autonomous knowledge and expertise.

The HP-PID "app"

Dr. Jan Schuurmans, DotX Control Solutions

Separation Excellence

Marco Brocken, Evodos B.V.