Power pitch your idea or innovation

Do you have a brilliant idea, breakthrough invention or innovation? Do you want to share your brainchild with the congress audience? Then send in your pitch and seize your chance to speak at the congress!

A pitch is a very short sales presentation—short enough to be made during an elevator ride. In just 60 seconds, the concrete and enthusiastic presentation of an entrepreneur’s idea, business model or product should convince the ‘big boss’ to make an appointment for further discussion.

Requirements for your elevator pitch

  • Your innovation or idea should be relevant to the congress topic, e.g. innovation and sustainability in the field of process technology.
  • Your pitch takes a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Your pitch is in English.

All MSc students performing a pitch at the congress will receive a pitch training beforehand!

All elevator pitches will be scheduled right before or after the keynote sessions, thus before 10:30 or after 12:05. You will be notified of the exact time for your elevator pitch one week before the congress.


  • Mention the (scope of the) problem and your brilliant solution.
  • Finish your pitch with a concrete question for the audience (or one person likely to be part of the audience).
  • Practice, practice, practice, until you can present your pitch in your sleep!